As I listened to the school community share ideas on how we could offer help for the school, I noticed there were some shared ideas and visions, and I had the feeling that some of these ideas may easily be woven together into a few “work parties”, where families or individuals who are available and willing to help on the designated dates may come together and share in beautifying our school and grounds in fantastic company, and generally great food, in true waldorf fashion. I know from our past experience it has always been such a delight and one usually gains as much as they give, if not more, from such community building events.

Based on folks interests and needs, three “work parties” have been created. They are scheduled for one half-day a month and you can come for any or all of it to pitch in. The work parties will be held on Saturdays from 10am-2pm.

* March 16th will focus on GROUNDS: the playground was specifically mentioned in regard to cleaning, repairing, and possibly building another fixture for the children.

* April 20th will focus on GARDENING: preparing garden beds, planting bulbs, and perhaps food.

* May 18th will focus on SPRUCING UP THE SCHOOL: painting rooms and areas of the school was brought up, perhaps fixing necessary furniture and fixtures, and so forth.

We invite you to be present on these days, but also, if you have ideas or materials to contribute, we gladly welcome them as well. Feel free to contact me via email, phone, or in person with any questions, ideas, or contributions.

A spreadsheet has been created which will allow people to sign-up easily and effortlessly online. Simply click on the link to add yourself or your family to the fun!

Click and SIGN UP HERE.

If you are able to bring food, it will allow the worker men, women, and children energy to refuel with…and it’s just fun to socialize over delicious munchies! Please consider including your child(ren) when you sign up, as they thoroughly en-JOY helping!

Many Blessings,
Chrystie Eileen Richardson