Bake Sale

Hello Taos Waldorf School!

As some of you already know, TWS is hosting a bake sale at Cid’s next Weds. This is the kickoff for what I hope will be a stellar school year of fundraising to support our beautiful community. The Gnomes class is stepping up to take the bull by the horns and organize this initial bake sale. We encourage another class (parent rep and helpers) to claim the December bake sale as your own (ask Wendy for dates). We anticipate two more bake sales in late winter and spring so there will be a few more chances for organizers then. With Wendy’s bake sale kit, and our organizational list (which I will create and pass on), the job should not be too daunting.
But that is merely the organization! We need EVERYONE to please open your hearts, kitchens and ovens and BAKE, BAKE, BAKE! Consider creating 2 or more items if you can. If you need recipe suggestions, let me know and I will get back to you with a recipe. Some of the best sellers seem to be bars, brownies, quiches, fritatas & pizza. We will need some gluten free items, and vegan options. Savory choices do well. I would love for 2 people to take charge of crock pot entrees that are simple for the servers (frito pie is divine, but it takes a lot of space and a lot of work to serve). As we only have room for two crocks – one vegetarian and one with meat would be perfect! Call up your friends and have a gathering to bake together (it’s a lot of fun!).
Baked donations can be delivered straight to the bake sale table at Cid’s after kid drop off (Michelle and Nettayah will be there early to set up), or in the main community kitchen at school (I will leave school with whatever is dropped at the kitchen at 9:20am, so make sure you have dropped your goodies before then.). We ask that you please make TWO paper labels for your contributions and include a name (“heavenly fudge brownie”, etc.) and the important ingredient info (“gluten free” or “vegan” or “sugar-free” or “vegetarian”, etc.). If there is no added info we will assume it has wheat, eggs, dairy, sugar etc. in it and let people know. And please leave a space at the bottom of each label for a price which we will ad once it is at Cid’s.
If you bring your goodies on plates that you will want back, be sure to label your plates on the bottom. You will find them the following day at the school kitchen. They will probably NOT be washed for you as that is one more thing the volunteers have to do at the end of a long day.
Lastly, Nettayah and I need a 3rd helper at the sale for the morning shift, and 2 more for the afternoon shift. Shift times are nebulous, but the sale will run from roughly 9am to 5 or 6 pm. Michelle, Nettayah and myself, will set up the sale, but we will need volunteers to tear down tables etc at the end of the day and return things to where they need to go, as none of the three of us will be available at that time. Someone with a truck or mini van would be great.
Just for fun we will offer a “guess the number of beans” gift basket with goodies from Back Porch Farm, a gift certificate for El Gamal Restaurant, and anything else people would like to add. $1 per guess. Beans are dry beans from our garden – a combo of Ireland Creek Annie, Calypso, and Taos Pueblo Red beans. Closest guesser gets the basket!!
-Two labels for each item with space left for pricing
-Drop items at Cid’s, or at kitchen in school before 9:15
-Who will be my crock pot people? Respond and let me know.
-Who can take a morning shift? (1 person)
-Who can take an afternoon shift? (2 people)
-Who can take responsibility to be sure everything gets broken down, packed up and returned to school?
-Would you like to add anything to the gift basket bean guess?
Rah Rah TEAM! Let’s see if we can set a new bake sale record next Wednesday!
MacLaren Scott
Gnomie Parent Rep and farm boss of Back Porch Farm