THIS WEEK AT TWS. Reminders and Updates for May 15, 2013

TWS Clayday!

This Saturday,May 18th
10am to 2pm

Yes once again it is time to get a bit of work done around the beautiful 11 acre site of the Taos Waldorf School.  Thanks again to Chrystie for being the initiator of these site spruce-ups.

This time around I thought a little change in theme would be called for.  After all what is the deal with all this work theme all the time?  Rather than a work day let’s have a clay day and still make progress on our beautification goals.  That’s right, come on down between 10am and 2pm and help me make some clay ollas to get water (in a very efficient way) to our front garden beds.  All will be explained on Saturday.  All you need are some clothes you can get clay on (don’t worry it washes out) and a good sense of humor (tends to stick with you once you have one).  There are also other tasks to be worked on too for those so inclined.  I’m personally excited about moving some of our chicken fencing to open up the opportunity of gardening some new areas and giving our chickens a cleaner space.  We also are scheduled to get a load of mulch and there may be some blunt shoveling/moving of material needed.  We’ll see how it goes.  Bring a shovel if you can and as always some good work gloves, sun protection, and a potluck dish to share if you are so inclined.  Though one thing that is not allowed is wearing yourself out.  After all we need all our energy resources to go party at the Taos Waldorf School fundraising party at the Taos Mesa Brewing Company Saturday the 18th from 7pm on to listen to Big Swing Theory in all their glory.  So the theme of the day would seem to be support Taos Waldorf School by playing in clay and dancing with good company.  Sounds good to me, see you all there.

Great Thanks,

Barry Doucette
Grounds and Garden
Taos Waldorf School     

Coffee is available in the school kitchen at dropoff.  Come check out the exotic varieties, have a cup, and take home a pound!


“Turn in your Accessible to All tuition adjustment paperwork.  Hurry!  You’ll get a doughnut.”
-somebody important