Taos Waldorf School November Update

School photos.  Orders need to be in the office today.  The make up day is tomorrow — November 20th.  
Morning Lecture on Thursday, Nov. 29th in Golden Gallery with Silke.  Coffee and muffins and conversation!

Holiday Cards — -there is a sign up sheet in the office.  Sign up for cards with your child’s artwork — only $12 for a set of 6.  
Advent Spiral will be on December 1st after Kris Kringle.

Holiday Ornaments — do you know an artist?  Are you an artist?  We have glass globes waiting to be decorated and sold at our silent auction on December 14th at the TCA at the Robert Mirabal concert.
Robert Mirabal concert on December 14th and 15th at the TCA.  Benefits to go to our school!  Tickets are available at the TCA, they are $20 each.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season!
Festival of Lights is on December 17th at St. James Episcopal Church.  Each class will be sharing music and song to celebrate the holidays!