Bulb Info:

We are having a bulb sale as a fun and easy fall fundraiser.  The bulbs are from the Dutch Mill Bulb Company.  
How does it work?
1.    The order forms will be distributed on Wednesday, September 26th
2.    The completed order forms and checks (payable to Taos Waldorf School) or cash will be returned to the school office by October 10th.
3.    Two weeks later (the week of October 29th) the bulbs will be delivered and distributed to the kids to be delivered to the costumers.

What are some of the details?
1.    We suggest each family try to sell 10 packages – or more!
2.    If we sell 1000 packages the school will receive 250 tulip bulbs!
3.    There is Pizza for the class that sells the most bulbs!
4.    Each package costs $7.00.   The school will get 52% of all sales
Please remember to talk about safety with your children — i.e. selling to people they know, people their parents work with, having a parent go for a fundraising walk with them around their neighborhoods.
There will be a Bake Sale at Cid’s on Wednesday, October 3rd where we will sell bulbs as well baked items—Please bring a yummy item for the bake sale and stay and sell some bulbs!
This is a great way to beautify our community plus it is fun!  Thanks for helping make this great fundraiser a success!