Spring Greetings from the Taos Waldorf School!

Spring has arrived and we at the Taos Waldorf School are celebrating the rich agrarian culture of Taos and its native peoples. Our vision of student-supported agriculture will help cultivate a holistic appreciation for the land that sustains us all.

Our vision includes:

  • An edible market garden that Taos Waldorf students parents and faculty plant and tend, and will eventually harvest, eat, and sell
  • A curriculum that emphasizes and explores key principles of gardening and ecology
  • Growing native crops such as corn, beans, squash, and chili peppers, which recognize and celebrate our local culture and history
  • A landscape alive with pollinators, living fences, livestock, and our worm farm, which is already recycling food scraps and paper waste on-site
  • Fostering local rapport through you-pick plots, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, the sale of produce at established grocery stores and farmer’s markets, the development of folk art techniques and supporting various community-wide, garden-focused events on the grounds.
  • Growing A Garden Culture Through Student -Supported Agriculture (SSA)

 Our 2014 Spring Fund Drive !

Seeding this vision together will boost our annual enrollment drive, encourage exchanges with the greater Taos community, serve as a lush backdrop for local events, and add essential revenue streams to our school.

$10,000 Matching Donation

We have a matching donation of $10,000 for our Spring Giving Campaign! This means your donation — of any amount —- goes twice as far! Your support will:

  • Lay the needed foundations for our edible garden
  • Give our teachers resources to integrate the grounds and gardens into their curriculum
  • Revitalize our connection with the land, bringing
  • Together students and the school’s wider community through our unique and vibrant grounds.