Receive the children in reverence, Educate them in love,
Send them forth in freedom
-Rudolf Steiner


“Students from Taos Waldof School do extremely well at Taos High School. Not only are the students curious and creative, they are focused, diligent, and most importantly, come with the academic and social skills needed for success.”John Henderson, AP History Teacher, Taos High School

“I took time to make this decision. I observed several other schools in Taos and then I sat in on every grade class at Taos Waldorf School. My mind was made up– what the students were learning in the upper grades, the breadth and the depth, really impressed me. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.” — Erin Doherty, MD,  Parent,  Taos Waldorf School.

What every parent would wish as the best for his or her children, Waldorf Education provides. The fullest development of intelligent, imaginative, self-confident and caring persons is the aim of Waldorf Education. This aim is solidly grounded in a comprehensive view of human development, in an intellectually and culturally rich curriculum, and in the presence of knowledgeable, caring human beings at every stage of the child’s education.” – Douglas Sloan, professor emeritus, Columbia University

Teaching at the Taos Waldorf School is incredibly rewarding. What we study in the classroom is so real and connected to the world around us. The academic level at which the children are working is impressive, and so is the happiness and laughter that surround each lesson. We have found an amazing formula for success!”  – Sarah Beasley