Receive the children in reverence, Educate them in love,
Send them forth in freedom
-Rudolf Steiner


“I have 2 daughters in the Taos Waldorf School and I can confidently say that the 3 years they have been attending have been paramount in developing them into the solid, confident, smart, playful and compassionate children they are today. Taos Waldorf has held my children so lovingly through their journey! The teachers leave space for each child to feel free expressing themselves, to explore problems, create solutions, and be creative all while still creating clear and nurturing boundaries. I know every teacher, employee, parent and student at the school genuinely loves and cares for my children and I too feel held by the community on the journey of parenting. I believe so deeply in the Waldorf curriculum, how it takes the whole child into account and honors the different stages of development through play, academics, music, song, festivals and hand-craft. I know that my children are receiving a well rounded education and it shows already in their love of learning, their respect of others and their creative and nimble minds. Taos Waldorf School has achieved in creating a village where learning, nature, community and respect of others and the Earth is daily practice. Every day I drop my children off my heart pours gratitude for this strong and beautiful place. Sending my little ones to Taos Waldorf is easily the best move I’ve ever made as a parent, the benefits just keep coming and most importantly my kids are happy and thriving!! Thank you Taos Waldorf and all those who make it SHINE!”
– Mary Two Winds, Parent

“Both my daughters have been going to TWS since the beginning. My younger one is in 4th grade and the older is in 7th grade. I could not be happier with the amazing education they have received. The curriculum is nothing short of incredible and is truly age appropriate. The teachers devote their lives to this education and care deeply for all their students. The parent involvement has been such an eye opener for me and has shown me real sense of community. There is nothing about Taos Waldorf School that I don’t like!”
-Paymaneh Ghaffari, Parent

“At Taos Waldorf School flexibility exists everywhere: it is truly an organic experience, and the very way the founders of this nourishing education meant it to be. Questions and difficulties (because many of them arise when we attempt to do something different in the world) are met with reflection, with willingness, no matter what the challenge might be.
Our son can’t wait to go to school in the mornings- he loves his teacher, and has expressed his wish for having her “live forever.” The teachers are loving, respectful, efficient; the administration could not be more supportive. The festivals and gatherings are filled with meaning, joy, and good food. The gardens are beginning to thrive, providing another outlet for the entire community’s creativity and support. These qualities are not always true for every Waldorf school, as I have visited many of them. If you are looking for a welcoming place, and are willing to cooperate in the creation of a haven for families, this is your place.”
-Marleny Alfaro, Parent and former Waldorf teacher

“We chose the Blossoms program at Taos Waldorf School for our three year old daughter. The school has an amazing outdoor setting where children can build a relationship with the natural world. Our daughter comes home with stories or wild mustangs and bison that she saw while walking through the back fields or playing under a willow tree. The Taos Waldorf School fosters her imagination as well, with puppet shows, music, and free play . In a few short months, we have become part of the TWS family, and we love sending our daughter to a school where we all feel at home.” – Megan Bradley and Orion Cervio, Parents

“Students from Taos Waldof School do extremely well at Taos High School. Not only are the students curious and creative, they are focused, diligent, and most importantly, come with the academic and social skills needed for success.”John Henderson, AP History Teacher, Taos High School

What every parent would wish as the best for his or her children, Waldorf Education provides. The fullest development of intelligent, imaginative, self-confident and caring persons is the aim of Waldorf Education. This aim is solidly grounded in a comprehensive view of human development, in an intellectually and culturally rich curriculum, and in the presence of knowledgeable, caring human beings at every stage of the child’s education.” – Douglas Sloan, professor emeritus, Columbia University

Teaching at the Taos Waldorf School is incredibly rewarding. What we study in the classroom is so real and connected to the world around us. The academic level at which the children are working is impressive, and so is the happiness and laughter that surround each lesson. We have found an amazing formula for success!”  – Sarah Beasley