College of Teachers


Grade Six Teacher-Beth Kreiger-Fritsch

Beth moved to Taos from the midwest in 2007; her son, Oliver, is in the third grade and her daughter, Mae, is  a middle Gnome in the  kindergarten. Her husband, Tom, can be seen from time to time fixing or building things around campus, in between his work as a chiropractor in town. Beth has a degree in English and Spanish and is currently working on her Waldorf Teacher Training certificate through Great Lakes Waldorf Institute and a Masters of Education with a Waldorf Emphasis from Mount Mary College. She is so happy to be entering the exciting middle school years with her class, and, while not at school, Beth enjoys running, skiing, reading, jumping on the trampoline, and spending time with her family, friends and garden.


Silke Marjkowski (Gnomes, EC Director)

Silke  Markowski  arrived  in  Taos  in  1991  where  she  started   a playgroup  and became  one  of  the  founders  of  the  Country  Day  School, known today as the Taos  Waldorf  School. Both  of  her  children  attended the  school from Pre- K through  8th  grade.    Silke  brings  a love  for  community  from  her  upbringing  in  a  small  German  Village  and  is  dedicated  to  an  Early Childhood  Education   in  an  Environment  where  children  can  experience  multi cultural   growth  and have  a  sense  of   belonging  throughout  their  schooling   years.   The  combination  of  farming  and  education  is   a  dream  come  true  for  Silke, having  been  raised  on  a  farm  and  understanding  the  importance of  the  connection  to the  land  in  relationship  to  the  development  of the  intellect.  Waldorf  education is her  choice  of  teaching which arises out of  a deep  love  for  humanity  and is  expressed  to  her  commitment to  the Taos  Waldorf school after  18  years  of teaching  in  Taos  and 27  years  of  teaching as an  Early Childhood educator.
Native  American Ceremony,  music ,   local geography, stones   and  building labyrinths  bring  joy  to her life  outside of  school.


Grade Two Teacher-Allison Bradley

Allison Bradley has three sons and has been a Waldorf parent for thirteen years. She has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and background in crisis intervention, corporate consultation, and outdoor education. She had a private practice in holistic counseling for 12 years. She is in her third year of Waldorf teacher training, and is currently enrolled at Antioch. She is deeply committed to Waldorf education and its potential to make the world a better place, build community, and strengthen the creative potential of individuals.