Make a Wish for the New Year

Gardeners and Farmers have always had their own brand of traditions.  In a way the whole science of biodynamics is really a tradition.  Silke, our early childhood lead, asked me the other day if I had plans for the garden in relation to Three Kings Day (Jan 6th), something previous growers here at the school had celebrated with the land.  At the time I had nothing planned for this day though wanted some way to begin re-integrating the school with the lovely land just behind them.  Three Kings Day also called Epiphany is seen as a day when the new season begins to incarnate.  

In Christian traditions it’s the day the wise men recognized the baby Jesus as Christ.  Myself being a Gardener I see it as a time when all the thoughts and ambitions about a piece of land begin to come into being, somewhat like how the sun comes more into being as the days get longer.  Steiner speaks about this in relation to how indigenous Northern and Central Europeans Celebrated, “[t]hey were celebrating the time when winter draws to its close and spring begins. It is quite true that Christmas falls while it is still winter, but Nature is already heralding a victory which can be a token of hope in anticipation of the victory that will come in spring — a token of confidence, of hope, of faith . . . .  [t]here is confidence that the Sun, again in ascendant, will be victorious over the opposing powers of Nature”.

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We have just passed the solstice, the days are getting longer, and it is time for me to begin to take action on all my strategies for the upcoming spring.  At the same time it does no good to just do this in isolation.  Speaking to many parents and faculty at our school, I realized many had not ever ventured back to the field behind our school.  So few have ever looked into the Hoop House.  For this reason with all the new potential I want to invite everyone back behind the building to experience a taste of what I get to experience everyday.

I’d like to see the entire Taos Waldorf community adventure back with a little offering to this lovely land in recognition of everything it has given to the school.  For certainly we have all gained inspiration from the world class view of the mountains and the joy the children have daily in having so much space to play and simply experience childhood as it should be.  This offering is something simple, just a handful of grain, flour, or anything biodegradable from your household.  The idea is to offer something from your way in the world, in a sense the way you garden through your job, your labor, your intention to kick start this new beginning we are having in the back field.  I say during pick up or drop off for the first week of school back from winter break take a moment to wander back with your handful of something and make a wish for this next year.  It can be for yourself, for the school, for the world as a whole though you’ll be sharing this with the land here and I truly hope that in some way it can help you attain whatever it is you wish for.