MacLarens’ Farm Sale in the Parking lot


Although this will usually be on a honor system from the back of the truck as Randy or I will be on the playground with our daughter, this Thursday, and occasionally others Thursdays, I will be with the truck while my husband is with our daughter, Isla. So come find me this Thursday afternoon to try some samples and hopefully make a purchase. Look for the open bed, light gray Toyota Tacoma.

I encourage parents to contact me before hand if you would like to reserve a particular product. Otherwise it will be first come first serve based on availability. And please note that I charge a jar deposit of $1 for 1/2 pints, pints and quarts and $2 for 1/2 gallons. This should serve as a friendly reminder to return your wide mouth jars and lids to me each week! I NEVER use plastic and this becomes an expensive choice for me if I am not compensated in this way. If you bring additional jars back one week I will reimburse you the equivalent deposit amount.

Please see the attached price list and feel free to contact me at or 575-770-3437 with questions or product reservations.

Thank you and see you this Thursday!
MacLaren, Randy, Isla and the animals at Back Porch Farm in Talpa, NM