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March, April and May Events at the Taos Waldorf School

April 1st-4th Spring Break
April 12th, Day of Play Early Childhood Open House 10-12:30 (tell your friends)
April 13th, Saturday Work Party, 10-2pm (2nd of 3 work days this spring, we hope every family will make one).
April 15th, Evening Lecture with Silke, 6-7:30pm, The Child of Today, The Adult of Tomorrow: How the Waldorf Kindergarten Creates the Foundation of Lifelong Learning
April 18th, Coffee Lecture with Sarah, 9am, Middle School Curriculum  
April 19th, Day of Play Early Childhood Open House, 10-12:30
April 26th and 27th TAO + Waldorf Art Event 5pm – 8pm
April 26th, Yard Sale! 7:30am-1pm, Plus Work Day
May 6th, 8th Grade Project Presentations
May 7th, The Proof is in the Pudding, 9am-10am, Our 8th graders show off!  
All Welcome!
May 9th and 10th, Pentathlon, 4/5th grade in Boulder, CO
May 11th, May Faire
May 18th, Work Day Party, 10-2
May 18th, Taos Mesa Celebration Party Fundraiser with Big Swing Theory
May 23rd, End of Year Ceremonies (early dismissal at 12:30)
May 23rd 8th Grade Graduation, evening (tbd)

“A healthy social life is found only when in the mirror of  
each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and  
when in the whole community the virtue of each one  
is living.”
-Rudolf Steiner


Visit the Taos Waldorf School

Visitor Mornings on Tuesdays from 9am -10am. 

See the curriculum unfold, witness the students actively engaged, experience the joy of learning at Taos Waldorf School. 

We are now enrolling for all classes for the 2013 school year.  Please ask about our Accessible to All Tuition Program.  

For more information or to pre-register for a visitor morning tour call 575-751-7750
Please plan on meeting at the school office by 9am for the tour. 


As I listened to the school community share ideas on how we could offer help for the school, I noticed there were some shared ideas and visions, and I had the feeling that some of these ideas may easily be woven together into a few “work parties”, where families or individuals who are available and willing to help on the designated dates may come together and share in beautifying our school and grounds in fantastic company, and generally great food, in true waldorf fashion. I know from our past experience it has always been such a delight and one usually gains as much as they give, if not more, from such community building events.

Based on folks interests and needs, three “work parties” have been created. They are scheduled for one half-day a month and you can come for any or all of it to pitch in. The work parties will be held on Saturdays from 10am-2pm.

* March 16th will focus on GROUNDS: the playground was specifically mentioned in regard to cleaning, repairing, and possibly building another fixture for the children.

* April 20th will focus on GARDENING: preparing garden beds, planting bulbs, and perhaps food.

* May 18th will focus on SPRUCING UP THE SCHOOL: painting rooms and areas of the school was brought up, perhaps fixing necessary furniture and fixtures, and so forth.

We invite you to be present on these days, but also, if you have ideas or materials to contribute, we gladly welcome them as well. Feel free to contact me via email, phone, or in person with any questions, ideas, or contributions.

A spreadsheet has been created which will allow people to sign-up easily and effortlessly online. Simply click on the link to add yourself or your family to the fun!

Click and SIGN UP HERE.

If you are able to bring food, it will allow the worker men, women, and children energy to refuel with…and it’s just fun to socialize over delicious munchies! Please consider including your child(ren) when you sign up, as they thoroughly en-JOY helping!

Many Blessings,
Chrystie Eileen Richardson

NonViolence Works – Taos Waldorf School Presents an Evening with Vishu Magee

NonViolence Works – Taos Waldorf School Presents an Evening with Vishu Magee

Vishu Magee is the FOunder/chairman of NonviolenceWorks and will be talking about ‘Why nonviolence works’. There will be a short talk, followed by a question / answer period. An event for our entire Taos Community!

Friday, March 15. 5 – 6:30pm. Taos Waldorf School.
9 Don Ben Romero Road, El Prado, NM 87529.

Suggested Donation: $5.
(nobody will be turned away for lack of funds!)
All proceeds benefit teachers at Taos Waldorf School.

For questions, please call Taos Waldorf School at (575)-751-7750.

vishu talk tws

March News – Important Dates

March 4th -11th Yearbook Orders due to receive the $35 price  
March 11TH (EXTENDED)Bulb Sale due in Office WITH MONEY  
March 8th, Friday,6:30-8pm: workshop with Bob Monsen  
March 9th, Saturday, 11-4pm: workshop with Bob Monsen
March 9th, Saturday 9am-11am Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast to support our 8th graders
March 15th  Evening Lecture:Why Nonviolence Works with Vishu Magee. Friday, 5:00-6:30

March Workshops at Taos Waldorf School – Institute for Social Renewal.

The Social Mission of Waldorf Education.
Independent, Self-Administered and accessible to All. Friday, March 8. 6:30pm – 8pm

The Art of Concious Conversation.
A Pathway to Social Renewal, Transformation and the Mutuality of Reciprocal Support. Saturday, March 9. 11am – 4:30pm


Child Care Provided. Open to All!
Workshops hosted at Taos Waldorf School by Bob Monsen.
9 Don Ben Romero Road, behind Overland Sheepskin Co. 575-751-7750.

Bob MonesenBob Monsen is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated his own general construction business for over thirty years. He is President of the Institute for Social Renewal, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about Rudolf Steiner’s treaties on threefold social transformation. Bob is a certified organizational consultant and is currently working extensively with Waldorf schools and other educational institutions throughout the United States. Bob is a member of the Social Science Section of the Anthroposophical Society and a former board member of Rudolf Steiner College. He was the board president of the Waldorf School of the Peninsula for over twelve years and was instrumental in creating the ATA tuition adjustment program as a way of supporting independent education that is accessible to all children.

February and March Events and Dates

Our spring bulb sale is HERE!  Everyone should have received their order forms (there are more in the office if you need one).  All orders should be returned to the office by March 4th with the money collected.  This is a wonderful way to make Taos Beautiful and raise money for our school at the same time! 
The 8th grade is hosting a fundraiser for their class trip to Chicago.  There will a yummy pancake breakfast on March 9th at Applebees.  Tickets are only $7 and available from any of our 8th graders — please come and support their fundraiser!
Come and learn about the importance of birth order in our families, plus it is lots of fun meeting others in our community while enjoying coffee and a sweet!  Did you know that your birth placement in your family holds clues to your personality and who you are!
Our school year book is going to be amazing!  It is time to order your yearbooks to get the best deal — if you order by March 15th yearbooks will be $35.  After March 15th all yearbooks will be $45.  Order forms will be out at classroom doors and in the office from March 4th through 11th.  These beautiful keepsakes are invaluable treasures!
We are incredibly excited and privileged to be hosting Bob Monsen from the Institute for Social Renewal!  He will be here March 8th and 9th working with the entire school community to help us move towards our commitment to depth, vitality, and energy for TWS and its future.  He has helped over 27 Waldorf schools over the past 20 years turn around financially — we are looking forward to benefiting from his wisdom and suggestions! All TWS parents are strongly encouraged to attend.
Enrollment for all grades and early childhood will begin in March.  We are looking at a strong future for our school and growth in our community!
What does Advancement mean? It is all of the work that we do to move the school forward, including fundraising, community outreach, advertising, enrollment drives, and anything that helps us share the excellence of our school with the outside world while advancing our mission to provide the best education possible for our children.
Our spring fundraising drive is getting underway!  TWS will be reaching out, not only to the school community, but also to our friends and supporters everywhere for funding support of our operations and expansion.   Each member of the Board and Faculty has committed to donating at least $20, and we are asking every family to do the same!  If you are able to donate more -WONDERFUL!  If you are unable to donate $20 at this time – NO PROBLEM, BUT PLEASE DO DONATE WHAT YOU CAN. 
This spring our goal is 100% participation by TWS families!
We are taking pre-orders for  our incredibly beautiful and artistic Easter Egg Trees.  These trees will be beautiful works of art.  They are $100.00 a tree with 10-12 hand decorated eggs.  PLEASE BRING IN ANY ORDERS TO THE OFFICE BY  MARCH 4TH.  THEY WILL BE DELIVERED MARCH 15TH.   If you are unfamiliar with the TWS Easter Egg Tree there are pictures in the office.

Important Dates


Hooray for Aydin Gates!!!  He won the Taos County Spelling Bee!  He will be representing Taos County at the State Spelling Bee in March.
Snow Days   

In general, Taos Waldorf School follows the Taos School District snow closures/delays.  We will always call into KTAO and send out an email announcing if we are closed or have a delay.  Please check in the mornings if there snowy weather.  If there are more than 3 missed days due to weather we have built in make up days in the spring.

Frozen Pipes Update
Many hours and plumbers later we are waiting on the insurance company to finish paperwork.  All of the plumbers are lisensed.  Before the classrooms are opened up to student use we will make sure all repairs are made — carpeting will be replaced and pipes upgraded.

Cleaning at our school

School upkeep is a coordinated effort with many parents working hard to ensure that our classrooms are a beautiful environment for our children to learn in.  There are cleaners scheduled to clean every classroom and bathroom every day of the week.  In addition to daily cleaning there is a Deep Clean that will happen on Friday.  We are meeting once a week as a cleaning group plus having email check-ins.  We are excited to contribute to our beautiful school.  If you have any questions about the cleaning please contact Emily in the office on Wednesdays.



Coffee Lecture:  Media and Storytelling
Thursday, Jan. 31st, 9am

Join Miss Beth for an intriguing conversation on the effects of media on our families, and to gain a deeper understanding of the value of storytelling.  All Welcome!  Coffee and baked goods plus great company

Peruvian Cultural Evening
Thursday, Jan. 31st 6-8pm.

You are invited for  a night  of  music  and  story telling,  come hear  stories  from  our  sister school  in the  Sacred  Valley in  Peru!  Check it out on http://www.kusikuwsay/
There is so much  we can learn  from  listening  to the stories which  Roman  and  Fielding have to share.
Roman  is  a natural  story teller,  a musician. You can  bring your  children  and  enjoy  community.

Non-Violent Communication Workshop
This Friday, Feb. 1st 6-8pm.

This workshop will focus on Practicing NVC skills.  It will build on our October workshop, however newcomers to NVC are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Cost: $15 per person – or pay what you can. All money raised will be donated to TWS.

Cake Decorating Workshop with Mikayla and Nancy
Friday, Feb. 8th, 12:30-3:30 in the School Kitchen

Pre-register by February 1 (this Friday).  Learn how to decorate a cake, cupcakes – have fun with frosting!  Learn how to make those cupcakes that always sell right away at bakesales.  Suggested donation of $15.

Patricia Griffin and Fiona (1st/2nd) and Rhodri (Gnomes)

Judit and Carlos and Teresa (4th/5th)

Many warm greetings to our new school families.  Please say hello and see what you can do to offer some help when you see them around the campus!
Thank you
A special thank you to Leah Wilde who is always willing to help with whatever needs to be done!

A Peek into our 1st/2nd grade Curriculum 

We have enjoyed our math block this month.  We have been working on memorizing odds and evens, skip counting, and multiplication.  We have been living in the world of the math gnomes – Blue – as a crisp, clear sky (Subtraction Gnome), Red – the shade of an apple in autumn – (Division Gnome), Yellow – as warm as the sun (Multiplication Gnome), Green – the color of a blade of grass (Addition Gnome) and Purple – the color of King Equals.  Those gnomes must spend a great deal of time organizing the beautiful minerals that they mine.   

Taos Waldorf School

Next month we will take a peek into the 8th grade curriculum!

Upcoming Events for January and February.

Coffee Lecture: Media and Storytelling with Ms. Beth
Thursday, January 31st 9am
All welcome!
Come enjoy coffee and a baked good while learning more about the Waldorf curriculum and being part of our community!
Peruvian Evening
Thursday, January 31st 6-8pm
At Taos Waldorf School
Peruvian   music, stories  about  our sister school.    
Cake Decorating Workshop with Mikayla and Nancy
Friday, Feb. 8th 12:30-3:30 in school kitchen
Pre-Register by Feb. 1st (this Friday)! Learn how to decorate a cake, cupcakes – have fun with frosting!
Suggested donation of $15.