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Open House at Taos Waldorf School to Play & Learn!

We are opening our doors and welcoming the greater Taos community! Parents, if you know anyone who is interested in learning more about Waldorf education or if you are curious about what happens in Waldorf early childhood or grades classes, visit us on Saturday, October the 12th between 10 and 12 for an open-school. We will have curriculum demonstrations in all classes and story telling and star apples in the Early Childhood rooms.  All are welcome to come to our beautiful grounds to play and learn.

Pick up reminder!

Now that school is in full swing we are finding that the pick up of students needs a reminder. Early childhood pick up is from 2:45-3:00 and the grades is from 3:00-3:15. Please be respectful to your child’s teacher and BE ON TIME!!!

Also be mindful that pick up means that you sign them out, then have them within your eyesight and under your care (not your teachers). It is always wonderful to see parents visiting, making play dates and engaging with one another after school, but please remember that our wonderful teachers have things to do after their class time and we need to honor their precious time. Additionally, please make arrangements for you child’s pick up before school so he or she knows the plan. Many thanks!!

Taos Waldorf School Festivals


We are also in need of some supplies for festivals, these include:
~ Jars!!! Please bring your wide mouth jars to the office and put them in the box marked Jars!
~ Straw bales, as many as you can wrangle!
~ Small toys and trinkets! If you are cleaning out your child’s treasures please consider bringing these small items to donate. Again, there is a box in the office marked Trinkets.

Many thanks~
The Festival Committee: Silke, NIkkie Cain and Jenn Foley (and hopefully You!)

Shining Mountain Waldorf

Every year the 10th grade at Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado embarks on a service project. They will join us again this year as they work on Taos Pueblo and spend some time with our classes as well. Their group will camp in our back field and use our school as home base. It is always a nice experience for our Waldorf school to have time with high schoolers from a Waldorf School to see the full circle of this kind of education. Please feel free to say hello and to ask them about their projects here.

MacLarens’ Farm Sale in the Parking lot


Although this will usually be on a honor system from the back of the truck as Randy or I will be on the playground with our daughter, this Thursday, and occasionally others Thursdays, I will be with the truck while my husband is with our daughter, Isla. So come find me this Thursday afternoon to try some samples and hopefully make a purchase. Look for the open bed, light gray Toyota Tacoma.

I encourage parents to contact me before hand if you would like to reserve a particular product. Otherwise it will be first come first serve based on availability. And please note that I charge a jar deposit of $1 for 1/2 pints, pints and quarts and $2 for 1/2 gallons. This should serve as a friendly reminder to return your wide mouth jars and lids to me each week! I NEVER use plastic and this becomes an expensive choice for me if I am not compensated in this way. If you bring additional jars back one week I will reimburse you the equivalent deposit amount.

Please see the attached price list and feel free to contact me at or 575-770-3437 with questions or product reservations.

Thank you and see you this Thursday!
MacLaren, Randy, Isla and the animals at Back Porch Farm in Talpa, NM

New Office Folks


We think that you will find a renewed sense of organization, warmth, and welcoming in the office, and we have these two amazing people to thank for it.

Also, Andy Salamone remains the school Coordinator, and his work will focus more on development, enrollment, and fundraising.

Between Jennifer and Vanessa, the office will be open Monday through Thursday from dropoff to pickup, and usually also on Friday mornings from 9 to 11. These hours may change as we see how the year progresses, but we’ll try to keep them posted on the office door.

You can reach any of these folks via email when the office is closed.

Jennifer Foley:
Vanessa Lovato:
Andy Salamone:

Café Este

Café Este

Café Este is Now Open



Scott Esty, our beloved Strings teacher, is also a coffee roaster and Barrista extraordinaire. His signature whole-bean coffee is roasted right here on campus, and it’s available for sale in the office. You can pay via PayPal and pick it up here, or just buy it in the office. Yum!

Fall Arts and Crafts Fair

Fall Arts and Crafts Fair

The Taos Chamber of Commerce produces a Fall Arts & Crafts Fair in Kit Carson Park the last weekend of September (09/28/2013 to 09/29/2013). This year they would like to create a “Taos School Street ” for schools to participate in this event with no-cost booth space.

This is a great opportunity for Taos Waldorf School to both raise funds, by having our students art for sale as well as to reach out to the wider community. Gia’s 3rd grade class is thinking of  producing sprouts for sale, Miss Beth’s class may make crocks with pottery lids fired in our very own kiln. Silke’s little Gnomes and Blossoms may contribute flower bookmarks and vases. Farmer Barry may even gather some of our garden produce for sale!

Parents, you help is needed to. We need people to be present at our booth throughout the weekend. Sign-up sheets will be posted around school in the next few weeks. Please help if you are able!


art festival booth

Taos Waldorf School participated in the Arts and Crafts fair this past weekend and it was a smashing success! So many thanks to those that volunteered to work the booth and to our wonderful students for the work they created and sold at the fair. The booth raised an amazing $461!!! This money will be donated to Boulder Waldorf Kindergarden that had major damage in the recent rains there. Our school was represented very well and this event speaks to the power of Waldorf Schools everywhere. Beautiful job!!!

Annual Fall Bulb Fundraising Drive

Annual Fall Bulb Fundraising Drive


Everyone Loves Flowers!

Taos Waldorf School Community
Our Annual Fall Bulb Fundraising Drive is Gearing Up.

Please help us raise money for the school by asking your friends, neighbors and family if they would like to brighten their lives with bulbs from
Dutch Mill Bulbs.

Its easy – just look through the beautiful Dutch Mill brochure, pick your favorites, fill out the order form, turn your completed form in at the office and
…….await your bulbs.

If you have any questions you can email Joanna at

In Bloom!

In Bloom!

IMG 0221 webSchool is underway, our children have settled down to learn, knowledge is blooming….and our campus flowers are working hard too. Taos Waldorf School is looking colorful as the cosmos and sunflowers reveal themselves slowly. What a beautiful place to be.



















IMG 0223 web