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AWSNA regional delegates circle

AWSNA regional delegates circle


Our delicious dinner was prepared by Taos’s El Gamal restaurant, owned by TWS parents. Our school was proudly decorated by Wendy Price, assisted by many dedicated community members. Miss Beth gave the delegates eggs laid by her chickens and EC parents prepared offerings of farm fresh organic goat cheese and green chilies.

Thank you to all who helped.



IASWECE October, 2014 Newsletter

This month we also celebrate our collaboration with several Alliance for Childhood partners who have worked with us intensively in the past year towards a truly inspiring conference. ‘The Unfolding Conference,’ to be held from 23-26 October in Brussels, will bring different professions together to explore how we can join forces in nurturing a culture that will allow each and every child to unfold his or her unique potential and to engage in society. If you can’t participate in the conference, please send us your inspiration and good thoughts which, as you all know, are very real too!
We hope you will enjoy reading our e-newsletter and that it brings you hope and inspiration in this season of unfolding potential.
With warm greetings,
Clara Aerts, Susan Howard, Philipp Reubke
IASWECE Coordinating Group
The Unfolding Conference in Brussels
Clara Aerts

Imagine a culture where every child can unfold her or his unique potential…
Imagine a society where every young person has a voice that is listened to and taken into consideration…
Imagine a government that puts with every decision it makes the needs of the child/family as a central focus…
Imagine a world that gives every human being the possibility to reconnect to himself, his environment, nature, destiny and spirituality….
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Partnership between Training Courses in North England and  Vietnam
Clara Aerts

A story of wonder….

As a child I never understood the story of the 2 loaves of bread and the fishes – how was it possible that they could feed so many people? Taking up a partnership for one of our projects as the North England Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood (NESWEC) Training Course has done for the Vietnam project reminds me of this story; I believe that in these kinds of gestures of giving selflessly, we can experience something of the miracle that is meant with it. What makes this partnership especially warm and valuable is the fact that it is taken on in a country that is tackling its own financial difficulties. It reminds me of large family tables set where there was nevertheless always space for a few more.
The simple but creative ways in which the North England students have fundraised for their colleagues in Vietnam is heart-warming and it can encourage us in our own trainings or local settings to think of ways to take up such a partnership for one of the IASWECE projects.
Read here the article by Jill Taplin, describing how the NESWEC students took on this partnership and        
 Shirley Bell’s description of the training program in Vietnam.
Too Much Too Soon
Janni Nicol, Cambridge (United Kingdom)
In many countries play-based Early Childhood settings are under government pressure to introduce formal learning to young children. To gain more courage to stand for your own personal convictions, you can read the article by Janni Nicol about the actions the Steiner Waldorf Early Years movement is undertaking this month.
Quality in Waldorf Birth to Three Settings
Luna Wiedemann, Eckernförde (Germany)
At the final plenum of the Birth to Three Conference in June 2013 in Dornach, there was a lively discussion about quality in early childhood settings and the working conditions and social recognition of birth to three caregivers.
Here you can read one participant’s views on this subject.

Taos Waldorf School Newsletter for October 28, 2013

Taos Waldorf School Newsletter for October 28, 2013


Waldorf Update for October 28, 2013

Enjoy a deeper understanding of Waldorf.
[do your holiday shopping at]

Taos Waldorf School receives a generous portion of money from your purchases at when going through Do all of your holiday shopping through and benefit the Taos Waldorf School.
It couldn’t be easier.

Yearbook Pictures
Heads up for those of you who wish to look your best. In the grades, yearbook pictures will be taken this coming Tuesday, October the 29th through out the school day. In the Gnomes and Blossoms, yearbook pictures will be taken throughout the school week.

Five Contact Drive
“The sun with loving light, makes bright for me each day…” this is the sound of the children gathering in the morning, preparing to engage in a creative learning environment. This is what a Waldorf School is about and we are asking for our families to engage with us and together we will thrive!

At Taos Waldorf School, there is a fundraising component built into our annual budget. The TWS ‘giving campaign’ is a fund raising effort in which we send letters requesting donations to our families, their families and friends, alumni and others that have an interest in supporting and sustaining a Waldorf School here in Taos. It is through this fall and spring giving campaign that we raise the funds that allow for the high quality teachers and curriculum, sustain our Access To All tuition assistance program and ensure that our program will continue to run smoothly. This is the most important component in meeting our annual fundraising goals.

Taos Waldorf School is asking that each family pass along contact information for five people that you feel have the financial resources, the dedication to holistic education and the inclination to donate to our wonderful, 19 year old school. Please include the persons name, email, mailing address, telephone number and relationship to your child.

Your participation in the giving campaign is a simple as returning the contacts you choose, to the office. We are inviting you to let the gift of education radiate out and help us to uphold a quality program for the beautiful children in our care.

With Gratitude,
Taos Waldorf School Board of Trustees, College of Teachers, the Advancement Committee and the Parent Council

Need a gently used computer.
Our Early Childhood is in need of a computer (for the adults, not the children). We finally got internet to the building and then realized that the computer was too old to have a wireless connection. If you have a laptop or a desktop around your home that you are not using, please consider donating to TWS ECE! Many thanks!

Dog doo news!
Since our last newsletter it seems as though our 4 legged friends have been even busier with their business on our campus! The ECE teachers and assistants were cleaning off little Blossom and Gnomie shoes for quite some time last week! Please, if you must walk your dog on campus he/she MUST be leased and you MUST scoop their doo! It is most ideal to leave the K~9’s at home, so please consider this as an option as well.

Happy Halloween!
TWS students will be having some fun this Thursday for Halloween and as a reminder please be sure your child has a costume that is appropriate for our school. No gore or blood, masks or too much skin and make-up. Remember we have little ones on our campus that we do not want to frighten!
Please welcome Chloe our guest Eurythmist
We are honored to welcome Chloe a Eurythmist student teacher into our classes for the first 2 weeks of November. Chloe is joining us from England and will be working with all the classes during her stay here in Taos. Students must do these apprenticeships at Waldorf Schools during their training and we are so happy that she chose our little school to work with. Eurthymy is a form of healing movement that in many, larger, Waldorf schools is an ongoing specialty class. Welcome Chloe!

Coffee Talk with Annette Gano
The Parent Council’s November Coffee Talk Lecturer will be Annette Gano, she will be speaking about essential oils and keeping healthy in the fall and winter by integrating them into our daily lives. The lecture, following discussion and coffee will be held on Tuesday, November 5th in the Music Room. PC offers these free lectures the first Tuesday of each month as a way to offer some adult education and to build our wonderful Waldorf community. Everyone is welcomed.

aos Waldorf School is in the process of restocking our first aid kit. After careful review of the supply, we have noticed that it is lacking quite a few things. We would like to ask for parents help in getting these items into it. We are looking for Band-Aids, Antibacterial Cream, Peroxide, Arnica Gel, Rescue Remedy, Calendula Cream/Gel, A thermometer, etc. to help complete it. If you have any of these items at home or feel compelled to purchase one of these items for the school we would greatly appreciate it. Thank You!

Trunk or Treat event
Taos Waldorf School is going to be participating in the Trunk or Treat event that DMC Broadcasting hosts on Halloween night. We will have a table set up at the event and will be handing out organic honey sticks. The event is scheduled to run from 6pm to 9pm. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Vanessa in the office, by phone (575)751-7750, or email Thank You!


Passive Fundraising for TWS
It is just too easy to raise money for our school with the Smiths, Cid’s, Albertsons, Target and Amazon deals that came home with your child earlier in the year! Please share this information with your friends and families especially over the holidays as we can really build some cash through the Amazon fundraiser if everyone that knows us uses it for all of our Amazon needs! Many thanks!







For more information please contact Taos Waldorf School at
575-751-7750 or

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Our children enjoyed working together as a village Thursday doing all manner of tasks to celebrate Michaelmas. They made dragon bread, helped Farmer Barry plant bulbs, gathered wood and made soup together. The whole school then had the lunch they prepared together! After lunch the children enjoyed the Saint Michael slays the dragon play performed by the 2nd and 6th grades! Wonderful work!!

One of the unexpected and wonderful treats that day was that the sand for the sandboxes was delivered! The driver of the very large truck was a wonder to watch pull the truck into the play yards, then dump the sand into the boxes! Then the real play began, see the pictures to see the pure joy that sand can bring! Many thanks to all of you that helped with the yard sale that raised the money for the sand!!!

K-9 Friends on Campus

Please be sure to leash your 4 legged friends when on TWS campus, this is per the parent handbook. Also, dogs do doo, so please scoop it to help us keep our campus clean and healthy for our children! Many thanks!

Taos Waldorf School’s Harvest Festival

Come one, come all to celebrate Taos Waldorf School’s Harvest Festival

Thursday, October 17th from 5-7 pm

Bring a yummy dish to share, also bring a plate, bowl, fork and spoon and your dancing shoes! The faculty and Festival Committee invite you and your family to enjoy this age old celebration with us this Thursday at TWS. There will be fun activities, such as a scavenger hunt in the garden, baking potatoes on an open fire, solving riddles with the scarecrow riddler and dancing to bring us all together! This is not a potluck to be missed, as it is full of fun, food and festivities! Sign up sheets are at your child’s classroom entries.

If you are interested in helping with the planning of the festivals, then come join the Festival Committee this Tuesday the 15th from 3:15-4:45 in the ECE play yard, all are welcome!

See you all on Thursday afternoon!!

Taos Waldorf School Store

Our wonderful school store is open for business Monday-Thursday 8:15-3:45, Fridays 9:00-11:00 and like all fine shops, by appointment! We have student made work, pencils, leather bags and other, wonderful items. With the holidays fast approaching this is the place to come for all of your gift giving needs! All proceeds go directly to TWS, so come on in!!

The wellhouse is going up and we need your help!

The wellhouse is going up and we need your help!

TWS needs a well house before winter to protect our system from freezing. The design will incorporate many sustainable building ideas such as rammed earth tires and straw bale walls.

The building project began September the 28th with a tire pounding party and will continue October the 5th. If you are interested in sustainable building and wish to contribute to the betterment of our school, please come and join Ted Elsasser, Waldorf parent, licensed contractor and owner of Taos Off Grid, a building and design business, to help construct our well house.

well house

Back Porch Farm

Back Porch Farm tailgate sales will be on Thurs afternoons only, from 2:30 – 3:30 in the parking lot. I still need to take jar deposits if customers do not bring a jar to exchange, but there will be no “delivery fee”. Instead the Farm will donate 10% of all sales to TWS which means more for the school, less for the customer, and it is easier for me!

I (MacLaren) will be at the truck (currently a light gray Tacoma) selling and answering questions. You are welcome to reserve your items ahead of time by emailing me at or texting or calling at 575-770-3437. Reservations are first come first serve based on availability. I ask that you please pick up reserved items early in the time slot as I don’t want to go home with items that were forgotten when there are others who would love to have them! I will usually have fresh organic goat milk, goat butter, goat chevre, sometimes goat feta, and water kefir. Thank you for supporting local, organic family farms and our Waldorf school!

Much love and healthful eating! MacLaren, Randy and Isla

Open House at Taos Waldorf School to Play & Learn!

We are opening our doors and welcoming the greater Taos community! Parents, if you know anyone who is interested in learning more about Waldorf education or if you are curious about what happens in Waldorf early childhood or grades classes, visit us on Saturday, October the 12th between 10 and 12 for an open-school. We will have curriculum demonstrations in all classes and story telling and star apples in the Early Childhood rooms.  All are welcome to come to our beautiful grounds to play and learn.