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Thank You to our many generous donors…

Taos Waldorf School would like to THANK our many generous donors that contributed to our Valentine’s Raffle!

valentines-raffleNature’s Emporium Soap Co.
Beautiful Bones Boutique
Indian Hills Jewelry
Garden and Soul
Hamilton Studios
Missys Organic Skincare
Six Directions
Taos Blue
Mooncat Fiber
Coyote Moon
Taos Artisans Cooperative Gallery
Mood N Flood
Monets Kitchen
Taos Kokopelli
Taos Cowboy
Eske’s Brew Pub
5 Star Burgers
Logan Wannamaker Pottery
Gorge Bar and Grill
El Meze
William 2 Salon
Yu Garden
Trading Post Café
Red River Ski Area
Overland Sheepskin
Shirley Eckert
Edna Sturtcman
Adventure Ski Shop
Alchemy Aesthetics
Enchanted Florist
Jitters Coffee Shop
Northside Spa
La Tierra Mineral Gallery
RC Gorman Gallery


Taos Waldorf School Valentines Raffle

Tickets sales end February 3rd.
Prizes will be drawn on February 13th
$5 Per Ticket or $45 for a book of 10
To purchase tickets please call 575-751-7750 or email

Prizes Include:
Nambe – Anvil 2-Tier Server    $250 value
Red River Ski Area – 2 Lift Tickets    $132 value
Shirley Eckert – 3×4 miniature, original oil painting on tin   $100 value
Alchemy Aesthetics – Facial of your choice $80 value
Mood N Flood – Camelbak Backpack        $85 value
Substance – Gift Certificate     $75 value
Overland Sheepskin – $75 Gift Certificate
Taos Artisans Cooperative Gallery – Handpainted acrylic miniature “Taos Mountain” necklace        $68 value
Taos Blue – Tea Forte Assortment    $60 value
Taos Cowboy – Pendleton Woolen Mills Purse      $58 value
Six Directions – Authentic Navajo Sand Painting
Martyrs – $50 Gift Certificate
Logan Wannamaker Pottery – $50 Gift Certificate
Gorge Bar and Grill – $50 Gift Certificate
El Meze – $50 Gift Certificate
Trading Post Café – Dinner for 2
William 2 Salon – $45 Gift Certificate
Adventure Ski Shop – Scott Wintersport Classic Goggle $35 value
The Enchanted Florist – Gingham 4-Piece Tool Set    $35 value
Edna Sturtcman – Animal Ring Holder   $32 value
Edna Sturtcman – Clay Rooster       $32 value
Eske’s Brew Pub – $30 Gift Certificate
Taos Kokopelli – African Basket        $30 value
Coyote Moon – Metepec Cross        $30 value
Nature’s Emporium Soap Co. – 3 Soap and 1 Candle   $30 value
Monets Kitchen – 2 Heart Ramekins and 2 Chocolate Molds        $29 value
Missy’s Organic Skincare – Gift Certificate for eyebrows          $25 value
Mooncat Fiber – 5 Skeins of Galway Yarn   $25 value
5 Star Burgers – $25 Gift Certificate
Gutiz – $25 Gift Certificate
Twirl – $25 Gift Certificate
Pizanos – $25 Gift Certificate
Yu Garden – $20 Gift Certificate
Beautiful Bones Boutique – $20 Gift Certificate
Indian Hills Jewelry – $20 Gift Certificate
Hamilton Studios – Earrings    $18 value
Garden and Soul – Gift Certificate for a box of chocolates
OptiMysm – $10 Gift Certificate
Gaia – 1 hr massage
RC Gorman Gallery
La Tierra Mineral Gallery – Set of Onyx Goblets
Jitters Coffee Shop –  Two $10 Gift Certificates

With Gratitude

With the holidays upon us, this is the perfect time to express gratitude to the families, teachers, and staff at Taos Waldorf School.

We have chosen a different path, a unique, and bold way in which to work and more so, to educate our children.

This is a collaborative effort, grand in scale, and one only need look at the joy our children express in coming to school and the warmth in which they are receiving their education to reaffirm our decision to bring them, and ourselves, to this special place.

A Waldorf School does not exist for one, nor can it thrive on the work of one, or a few, but in fact it takes us all to give freely of our time, our passion, our love, and for this I am eternally grateful. Something radical, and wonderful, and enduring is happening at our little school, and this is because of you. For the efforts you put forth and dedication you embody, it is possible.

I am grateful to each one of you and honor the work you do for our collective whole.

Season’s Greetings and may your New Year bring blessings of light, love, happiness, and good health.

Yours in community~
Jenn Foley


Miss Silke’s dedication

This year the kindergarten recognized Miss Silke’s dedication and gentle care with a huge basket of gifts, many homemade with love. All the children where very excited to help her open them! Thank you Miss Silke. You are the heart of our little school.


Fall Giving Campaign


Dear Friends of Taos Waldorf School,

We invite you to participate in our Fall Giving Campaign, which aims to raise $50,000.
TWS would like to thank our friends all over the world for continuing to support our school through your generous donations. Like other independent schools, we rely on philanthropy
to fufill our mission and cover any gaps in operating expenses. We know that you appreciate the high quality of the education that we provide, and we could not do it without your support.

Waldorf education aims to create independent thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders. Your contribution not only helps our children find success and fulfillment in their own lives, but it also prepares them to contribute their excellence to the dynamic world that they will face upon graduation.

With our eighteen year history, we have seen the real results of the education we provide. This inspires us to strive to make it accessible to as wide a spectrum of the community as possible. Given the financial reality of our small, rural community, two thirds of our students qualify for tuition assistance making your contribution vital to the survival of our school.

Teachers, staff and parents at Taos Waldorf School are busy shaping the building blocks for our community and our children’s future. It is through your generous support that we are able to do this with such a high degree of success, and we are sincerely grateful for every contribution that you are able to make.

Sarah Beasley
President, Taos Waldorf School Board of Trustees

We deeply appreciate your support.
You can use our secure Paypal donation service to make a tax-deductible contribution today.

Taos Waldorf School and Waldorf Education:
94% of Waldorf graduates go to college, as opposed to the 63% national average.
88% graduate from college
89% are highly satisfied in choice of occupation
91% are active in lifelong education
As a member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, we are linked to the fastest growing independent school movement in the world.

The Sun With Loving Light


Taos Waldorf School is asking that each family pass along contact information for five people that you feel have the financial resources and the inclination to donate to our wonderful, 19 year old school. Please include the persons name, email, mailing address, telephone number and relationship to your child.  

Your participation in the giving campaign is a simple as returning the contacts you chose to the office. We are inviting you to let the gift of education radiate out and help us to uphold a quality program for the beautiful children in our care.

With Gratitude,
Taos Waldorf School Board of Trustees, College of Teachers, the Advancement Committee and the Parent Council