Tuition Adjustment Application 2013-2014  (pdf)

8:45am – 2:45pm        Monday-Thursday                6950/yr

Grades 1-7
8:45am – 2:45pm        Monday-Thursday                6950/yr

Grade 8
8:45am – 2:45pm        Monday-Thursday,     plus            7530/yr
one Friday/month
two study halls/week

“Fifth Day Option” available for all grades:  Fridays at an additional 232/month.  Pre-registration required.  Please see your teacher for details.

Before and after school care:  please contact your teacher for details

Additional Fees
Non-refundable application fee:           50
Enrollment fee:                                200
Materials fee    :                               300

Payment Plans

10-month payment plan for K-7:                    695/month
12-month payment plan for K-7:                    579/month

10-month payment plan for 8th:                        753/month
12-month payment plan for 8th:                        627/month

Sibling Discounts
20% tuition reduction for each sibling (after first sibling paid at full tuition)

Accessible To All (ATA), Tuition Adjustment Program:
Taos Waldorf school holds that families who are genuinely committed to attending a Waldorf school should be able to do so regardless of financial circumstances. In keeping with this consciousness, we have instituted Accessible to All principles of social and economic renewal at our school. Families who are not able to pay the full recommended tuition may request tuition adjustment via this process. In order to be considered for ATA adjustment, you must complete all required paperwork, request a conversation with our ATA team, and come to a conscious, consensual agreement with ATA team members as to your csontribution to our school. The ATA program is not subsidized by any outside financial source. Our school is independently funded through the efforts of our school community. To participate in ATA, you are expected to hold Waldorf education high on your list of financial priorities.


Payments and Contributions

No one like to spend too much time talking about the ins and outs of tuition contribution payments, but since it is our contributions that allow the school to keep functioning, it’s a subject that deserves a bit of attention and clarity.

Please remember that if you are paying your contribution monthly, then the first payment was due on August 15th, the second payment was due September 1st, and all other payments are due on the first of each month through May of 2014. Even if you have only just had your ATA conversation, or if you haven’t received a bill, the school still needs your contribution to be paid on time in order to keep functioning smoothly.

One question that repeatedly comes up is about the structure of our monthly payment schedule. The fact that there is a full payment due for August and another due on the first of September can be confusing, especially since we don’t have a full month of school in August. However, the monthly payment schedule is not a pay-as-you-go system where each payment represents a month of schooling, instead, it takes the entire contribution amount for the year and breaks it down into 10 payments.

The TWS policy states that if any payment is more than 30 days late, the child will be unable to attend classes until all charges are brought current. This means that if your enrollment, re-enrollment, materials, tuition, or other arranged payments that were due on the 15th of August haven’t been paid, your child will no longer be able to attend as of Monday, September 16th.

We are still working on getting the automatic payment system set up on PayPal, so if you need to make a contribution payment, please just use the button on the site here.

All of the teachers, children, and parents in the TWS community thank you very sincerely for the support of our amazing and wonderful school.