Please call the school office at 575-751-7750 /  twscoordinator@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment. Visits by both parents/guardians are a required part of the application process.

(link to intent to enroll pdf form)

Submit the completed Application Form, $50 non-refundable application fee and the Kindergarten Questionnaire if applying to the Early Childhood Program.


A meeting will be arranged between the teacher, parents and child. This is an opportunity to discuss more fully the philosophy and methodology of our program. The curriculum can be explored in greater detail. Any special needs that the child might have should be discussed at this time.


After the interview, a child may be invited to spend 3 days in the classroom. This will help the teacher assess if it is a good fit for the child and the class. If school is not in session individual meetings are arranged with the teacher.


After completion of steps 1-4, the school’s administration will seek approval from the teacher, and inform the prospective family in writing whether the student has been admitted or not. We will then send out the Admissions Packet, which includes the Tuition and Enrollment Contract, Registration Fee Invoice, Business Policies, School Year Calendar, and a list of any items the student will need to bring for the first day of school.

First Grade Readiness Date
: A first-grade readiness assessment is conducted in the spring to determine maturity and readiness. Children must be 6 years old by June 15th to be considered for the 1st Grade the following school year.


Accessible To All (ATA), Tuition Adjustment Program:

Taos Waldorf school holds that families who are genuinely committed to attending a Waldorf school should be able to do so regardless of financial circumstances. In keeping with this consciousness, we have instituted Accessible to All principles of social and economic renewal at our school. Families who are not able to pay the full recommended tuition may request tuition adjustment via this process. In order to be considered for ATA adjustment, you must complete all required paperwork, request a conversation with our ATA team, and come to a conscious, consensual agreement with ATA team members as to your csontribution to our school. The ATA program is not subsidized by any outside financial source. Our school is independently funded through the efforts of our school community. To participate in ATA, you are expected to hold Waldorf education high on your list of financial priorities.



Parking Lot Safety at Taos Waldorf School 

The traffic flow in the parking lot could use just a bit of attention! Vehicles must enter thru the first driveway and exit thru the second drive. Please make sure that you are following this ‘traffic flow’ so we don’t have any accidents in the driveway and we can all come in and out without issue! Many thanks~Jenn