Agricultural Program

Taos Waldorf School has provided an incredible opportunity for the children to work with the land in meaningful and practical ways. The land at TWS is one of the most unique and beautiful elements of the school’s curriculum.  The natural setting below the mountains presents a dynamic attraction to many students, parents, and visitors of the school.  We are currently in a renewal process with how we use and incorporate the resources the land provides within the educational process.  We are designing long term plans for appropriate planting, gardening, water use, and beautification of the school grounds.  Our hope is to have a fully functioning biodynamic garden which will foster an inherent interest to all that have a relationship to the land.  The products of the garden will supplement faculty and student nutrition and hopefully become a secondary source of income for the school in the near future.  Systems to incorporate perennial gardening, pasture management, and anti-desertification strategies are also in the works.  This presents opportunity for outreach to others interested in these regenerative concepts and projects.  Hopefully workshops and community involvement can be incorporated as a platform to show off our lovely school, increase knowledge of the Waldorf world and in the long term increase enrollment and engagement by all.