Casual Farm Afternoons and International World Water Day

It was a surprise to me to hear about International World Water Day which is this Thursday the 20th.  It has been rattling around in my brain for about a month as to how to celebrate it and how to get people to know about it.  While I am not a person that needs another holiday I think this one is valid.  Water is such a wonderful resource that so often does not get the respect it deserves.  On our developing farm the main thing we are accomplishing this year is making it water-wise.  I believe everyone has seen the wonderful piles of wood-chips.  These are going to be our best defense against water scarcity and our most abundant gift for wise water use.

The techniques we are using really are not known widely enough.  We are going to be able to sink our water deeper in the field, allowing us to use less water, suppress our weed issues, save labor, and develop a soil that in the end will give us higher nutrition in our crops.  To do all this though I do need help in the back farm field.  I need people to lend me their wheel barrels and to give what time they can to help haul mulch.  I’ve thought about just one big work party, however with people giving so much of their time these past weekends to the concession stand I thought it might just be too much.  I figure there is a lot of activity at school during pick-up time.  People like being social and I think we should encourage this.  Thus I would like to invite people to the back field on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting this Thursday the 20th (I have a board meeting this Tuesday) to help me prepare the back field for this coming spring.  Just whatever time you might have to give.  Talk to other involved parents, enjoy some sun tea, and help our budding farm enterprise.  This is not an aftercare program, just a fun event to experience with your children after school.  I thought this would be a great day to kick off “Casual Farm Afternoons” as it coordinates with International World Water Day and perhaps we could all think a little on what water does for all of us while we prepare our school garden.

Like I said previously, we are in need of wheel barrels that we can borrow.  It will do no good for the back field if we get a bunch of people and only one wheel barrel.  We could also use a few shovels to help everything go smoothly.  I suggest writing your name on these tools you are generously willing to lend to this effort and if you could leave them here for others to use until we are done with this project that would be great.

There is much to come from our farm field.  We are  hoping to begin a CSA to feed our faculty this summer as well as looking at potential markets for our produce.  There is talk about preserving food stores for weekly soups  for next school year too.  Stay tuned to this blog to hear details about all these developments and more.  Thanks, and I hope to see you all on Thursday the 20th around pick-up time.

Wish List

  • Wheel-Barrels
  • Shovels
  • Help Tues/Thurs 3pm Starting on Thurs, 3/20/14