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Taos Waldorf School November Update

School photos.  Orders need to be in the office today.  The make up day is tomorrow — November 20th.  
Morning Lecture on Thursday, Nov. 29th in Golden Gallery with Silke.  Coffee and muffins and conversation!

Holiday Cards — -there is a sign up sheet in the office.  Sign up for cards with your child’s artwork — only $12 for a set of 6.  
Advent Spiral will be on December 1st after Kris Kringle.

Holiday Ornaments — do you know an artist?  Are you an artist?  We have glass globes waiting to be decorated and sold at our silent auction on December 14th at the TCA at the Robert Mirabal concert.
Robert Mirabal concert on December 14th and 15th at the TCA.  Benefits to go to our school!  Tickets are available at the TCA, they are $20 each.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season!
Festival of Lights is on December 17th at St. James Episcopal Church.  Each class will be sharing music and song to celebrate the holidays!

Kris Kringle Holiday Faire

Kris Kringle Holiday Faire

Kris Kringle is on December 1st, 3-5pm.  This is a great opportunity to clean out your toy cupboards, clear off your shelves of ‘stuff’ and bring in GENTLY USED TREASURES FOR THE GNOME NOOK.  We need everyone to bring in items for the kids to purchase as gifts for their family and friends in the Gnome Nook.  We also need wrapping paper and tape.  Please bring in items to the office.  
Twinkle Star Cafe at Kris Kringle will be serving soup, quiche, chili and sweets…please sign up to bring in something at your class room door. 

Kris Kringle Poster

Taos Waldorf School Weekly Update – November 8

Taos Waldorf School Weekly Update – November 8


A shining example of parent partnership has shown up on our campus.  You may have noticed it coming and going from the early childhood building:  gone are the days of sagging hinges and bare wood exposed to sun and harsh elements.  In their place is a beautiful, hand-forged artisan gate, complete with a freshly oiled wooden frame.  This is thanks to the work of artist, innovator, and parent Jim Stoner.

waldorf gate

In Jim’s words, “My personal thought behind the design: the central bars represent the child, and the outer bars are the layers of growth and knowledge through the years”.  As with all works of art, the imagery and design may evoke different meaning for each individual who experiences it; this, also, is part of the artist’s offering to the community.

Please join us in celebrating the work of Taos Waldorf School parent partner Jim Stoner, who has made our campus a more beautiful and fascinating place.


visit Jim’s website here


Understanding the Temperaments

 A TWS Community Workshop

What is “a choleric”?  Which group loves lists?  Who is so very tempted by sweets?  Which children can’t stop moving?  What does all this have to do with my child, anyway???

Come get to know the concept of The Temperaments and how it used in the
Waldorf curriculum.  An informative, engaging evening suitable for newcomers and Waldorf “old-timers” alike!  Open to all.

Friday, November 16, 6p-8p
TWS Community Room

$15 suggested donation
no one turned away due to funds
register in the office, or via e-mail




Are you an artist – of any age – who would like to sell his or her handmade and/or Waldorf-inspired
goods in a warm, friendly environment designed to support our school?  Come into the office and let’s talk!  We hope to support not only tuitions, but the creative economy in general – not to mention college funds!  

And don’t worry – our store will also carry all the essentials: beeswax, modeling clay, watercolor paper, color pencils – the works.  We look forward to seeing you all there to kick off a creative holiday season!

How to Make Flower Fairies with Beeswax
an article from Mercurius

waldorf flowers

General Tips

Modeling waxes are hard and have to be kneaded strongly with warm hands to be made malleable. This process can be made easier for smaller children by pre-warming the modelling wax in warm water. It may be helpful to tell or read children a story while they are holding and kneading the wax in their hands to make it malleable.

Pedagogical Aspects

Transforming the hard modelling wax into a soft, malleable form is a valuable sensory experience for children that trains their imaginative abilities and wakens their creativity and feeling for form. By kneading rhythmically, children also train their fine motor skills. This not only promotes skillfulness and dexterity – like all rhythmical movements do – but also positively influences their speech and thought development.

Modelling Flower Children

Sculpturing flowers with modelling wax is a special treat for young and old alike. Each individual models according to his or her own personal skills and abilities.
The younger a child is, the more natural and uninhibited one should let it be when using its imagination to create forms. In the case of older children, it could be
helpful to first take the time to observe with them the forms of blossoms and leaves. Are they heart- or spear-shaped, round or elongated? How many petals does the flower have, what kind of stamen and buds? These observations can stimulate ideas about how to create the clothing, flower, hat, arms, etc. In the following example of a “Rose Child” the step-by-step modelling procedure is described.  
First of all, make a main body, to which all the other parts will be attached.  It should be good to handle and have a wide standing base. For this, knead white modelling wax until soft with your warm hands and shape it into a roll about 8 cm long; then model the roll into a cone so that it gets a wide standing base.

Shape an oval form for the head.  Using a small piece of yellow modelling wax, shape a thin band and place on the head as hair; spread gently over the back of the head using your warm fingers. Then connect the head and body pieces with the help of a match.

For the skirt, shape five very thin red and five very thin pink rose petals.  They
should be shaped like rose leaves and be almost transparent.  First overlap, press and attach the red, then the pink-coloured petals to the “waist”, carefully curving each petal outwards to create a blossom..

For the arms or sleeves of the dress, shape two elongated petals, fold together like a sleeve and attach at shoulder level.  For the collar or ruff, use green modelling wax to shape seven spear-shaped leaves about 15 mm long. Place and attach around the neck by pressing.

For the hat, shape five very thin rose-shaped rose petals. Make a yellow ball about the size of your fingernail, press it flat with your thumb and attach the hat leaves to this circle of wax by overlapping and pressing firmly. For the stamen, make tiny yellow balls.  Then form this part into a blossom and carefully attach to the head with a piece of sticking wax. 


By following this procedure you can create flower children for every type of flower. The blossoms of the different flowers are particularly suitable for the hats. The
arms can be shaped like the leaves or can look like stems. You can make the dresses in the form of leaves or blossoms.

Taos Waldorf School Weekly Update – October 26


An Evening of Native American Celebration 

Please join us for a unique evening of traditional Navajo fare, prepared and served by a Native American grandmother and her family.   We will enjoy mutton stew, fry bread, and a full array of nourishing, sumptuous options to remind us all of the health, warmth, and sustenance that accompany a lovingly prepared feast. 

The evening will also include storytelling by the fire, drumming, and so much more!

All proceeds will benefit the Taos Waldorf School Native American Scholarship Fund.  Thanks to the support of this fund, children who would not otherwise be able to attend the school are able to do so.  During these challenging economic times, our school has chosen a stance of social renewal, creating unique and unprecedented opportunities to share our skills, loves, and interests with each other through community outreach events that support all concerned.   We are delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate Native American culture together through the richness of talent, spirit, and beauty present within our school community.

Thanks so much for your support and we hope to see you there!

Donate to Native American Scholarship Fund



TWS Office
Taos Waldorf School
575-751-7750 twscoordinator@yahoo.com


Saturday November 3, 2012 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Add to my calendar 


Taos Waldorf School

Community Room

El Prado NM



In Community,
Allison Bradley
Taos Waldorf School

A Quick Note From the Taos Waldorf School Board President

We are currently conducting a search for a new treasurer, so if you know of any community members with the requisite experience, please give their contact information to any board member. The board is made up of parents, teachers, and “at-large” members, who are not otherwise directly involved with the school, so your suggestions can include anyone from the Taos community who might be qualified and willing to serve.

In case you missed it in the latest weekly bulletin, our bulb sale was a great success. We actually exceeded our fundraising goal, so many thanks to all who participated. The advancement committee has put together a great calendar of events and fundraisers for the rest of the year, so please keep your eye out for opportunities to help make this year an awesome one for TWS.

Also, I would like to ask that if you are not up-to-date with your payments, please contact Allison in the office immediately. All invoices from August, September, and October should have already been paid, and the November bills, which went out in the middle of October, are due on Nov 1st. As a reminder, if your payment for November (as well as any past-due balance) isn’t paid by November 5th, you’ll get a friendly call from the finance committee, and all payments must be current by November 10th to continue enrollment.

Finally, I would like to offer another huge thanks to you, our awesome community of parents, grandparents, and teachers. Many of you have been giving up your valuable time to beautify our school, prepare it for winter, and keep it functioning in so many ways, and you are very appreciated.

Thank you all so much,

Andy Salamone
TWS BOT President

Taos Waldorf School Weekly Update – October 24


Recommended donation of $15.  No one turned away due to inability to pay.

All proceeds to benefit Taos Waldorf School Tuition Assistance Fund.

Sign up to attend here


An Evening of Native American Celebration
with David and Celestia Carson and special guests

November 3

Please join us for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind celebration of Native American tradition, culture, and warmth.  You will experience a traditional Navajo meal created and served by a grandmother and her family, then gather around the fire for storytelling, drumming, and much more.  Don’t miss this one!
Special guests include David Carson, originator of the Medicine Cards, and family.

All proceeds go to benefit Native American scholarships for our school.  If you can’t join us for the evening, please consider contributing any amount to the scholarship fund via the link below. Seating is limited and by reservation only.  Get your ticket now!  We anticipate that this event will fill up quickly.  Vegetarian entrees available upon request.

Sign up to attend here


We surpassed our fundraising goal for the bulb sale!  Our goal was $800, and we just squeaked over the line with a fantastic $805.  Many, many thanks to the 13 families who made this happen, and an extra special thank you to Amanda Zamani, who masterminded and spearheaded the whole project. There will be lots of other opportunities to support the school this year for those who weren’t able to be part of the bulb sale.

 Miss Beth’s class sold the most bulbs, so as promised, they get a pizza party tomorrow!  TWS will make sure each child gets pizza tomorrow, Thursday, as part of the weekly grade 8 pizza sale. If your child will need extra/other food, please send it along.


Intro to Non-Violent Communication for Parents



Taos Waldorf School

Community Room

9 Don Ben Romero Road 87529


Friday October 26, 2012

 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Non-violent communication is an approach developed by Marshall Rosenberg that is used internationally by people who seek to cultivate communication that connects.   
Inherent within this approach is the understanding that all human beings have certain basic universal needs.  For example, all people have needs for safety and needs for love.  We all also have feelings, and choose strategies to meet our needs.     
In this introductory evening, you will be introduced to the consciousness and behavior that supports effective use of non-violent communication by two experienced facilitators, Joanna Magee and Rebecca Porter.  A $15 donation is suggested, with all proceeds going directly to support the TWS tuition assistance program.  No one will be turned away due to inability to pay.
For more information about Non-Violent Communication, please visit www.cnvc.org.
Get more information
Register Now!

Thanks so much, and we hope to see you there!

Taos Waldorf School Weekly Update – October 13

Calling all Artists and Creators
Our newly expanded school store will be opening soon in its new location.  Do you make something that might be good to sell?  We hope to feature all manner of goods created by our school community, for our school community.
Of special interest will be handmade items or and/or items made from natural materials.  Please contact the office with any ideas, information, or if you just want to bring some things by!


Non-Violent Communication for Parents
with Joanna Magee and Rebecca Porter
October 26

Looking for ways to bring more presence and compassion to your parenting?  Join us for an evening of Nonviolent Communication at the Taos Waldorf School.  Connect with your greatest parenting value, discover the needs that motivate your child’s behavior, increase your vocabulary of feelings and needs and learn to practice presence as a tool for heartfelt connection.
Recommended donation of $15.  No one turned away due to inability to pay.  All proceeds to benefit Taos Waldorf School Tuition Assistance Fund.

An Evening of Native American Celebration
with David and Celestia Carson and special guests
November 3
Please join us for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind celebration of Native American tradition, culture, and warmth.  You will experience a traditional Navajo meal created and served by a grandmother and her family, then gather around the fire for storytelling, drumming, and much more.  Don’t miss this one!
Special guests include David Carson, originator of the Medicine Cards, and family.
All proceeds go to benefit Native American scholarships for our school.  If you can’t join us for the evening, please consider contributing any amount to the scholarship fund via the link below. Seating is limited and by reservation only.  Get your ticket now!  We anticipate that this event will fill up quickly.  Vegetarian entrees available upon request.


Back by Popular Demand!!!  We will be running the bulb sale for one more week. Please pass in your order sheet and all money to the office anytime before next Wednesday, October 17th.  The order will be placed that Friday, the 19th, and no orders will be taken after that.
The bulbs will be delivered about two weeks later, giving everyone plenty of time to get them in the ground before it is too hard to plant. This also gives more of a chance for us to suggest to folks that they can purchase bulb packages to donate to the school to plant this fall for spring flowers! What a great way to add color and life to our
school (please make sure to note if orders are for school beautification).


A friend of TWS is preparing to move to Taos for the winter and is looking for a seasonal rental.   The rental will be for a couple who will be working at Taos Ski Valley for the winter, so reasonable proximity to TSV will be necessary.  If you have a space to rent, or know of any, please contact the office at twscoordinator@yahoo.com or 575.751.7750.

Taos Waldorf School Weekly Update – October 3


8th grade apple cider fundraiser


The 8th grade continues a solid tradition of fundraising for its spring class trip by creating and selling APPLE CIDERin cooperation with Mikayla’s dad, Farmer Ron. 

Here are the details:

8th grade parents:  come with your child to help harvest apples for the next two Sundays, October 7 and 14,from 10am to 4p at the Ojo Sarco farm.  Dress for the weather and bring a lunch!

The last two Sundays in the month, October 21 and 28, 8th grade students will work together to press the harvested apples into cider. Again, 10a to 4p, Ojo Sarco.

The cider will then be available to sell to the whole community!  What could be better?  Hand-pressed cider made with love.



Price:  8 dollars/half gallon

Please contact Ron Boyd at (505) 927.0150 or greenmanmocs@yahoo.com for more information, or for directions to the farm.  


Everybody Loves a Clean Floor
A new vacuum cleaner has moved to the top of our wish list!  Our stalwart volunteer cleaners have put out the call:  please donate to the vacuuming cause!  Ways you can help:  
1) Donate a quality, working vacuum that you no longer need
2) Contribute to the vacuum cleaner fund (no donation is too small – all are appreciated) 
3) Approach a merchant that sells vacuums and ask if they might consider donating one to our school, because, of course…..everybody loves a clean floor! 


That means “thanks”, “great work”, “we appreciate what your efforts”, “you are officially recognized”….or all of the above!

Kudos to….

The Grounds and Garden teamfor putting together a great plan for creating a strawbale wellhouse to take care of our new well for the winter. 

Alicia Graves for taking care of a last-minute cookie run for today’s bake sale

TWS Community members new and old for throwing a fantastic wedding reception for Marcy and Scott this past weekend
The Farmer’s Market crew for ongoing dedication to getting the food grown in our garden creatively presented and out there in the world – it takes a lot to set up and take down those booths!

Estevan Montoya and Mindy Gumlaw for taking on the management of cleaning at our school – and for helping enthusiastically with so many details

Jenny Kelly for putting out one heckuva Gnomes newsletter

Shining Mountain Waldorf School for donating their van, proceeds to go our school.


Normal office hours are 8:30am to 3:30pm.  Other times available by appointment.

Please note that this week Wednesday, Oct. 3 and Thursday, Oct. 4,  the office will have limited staff due to training and backup staff illness. If you need to make a tuition payment, please do so online at




Thanks to the enthusiastic leadership of Andy Salamone, Mila’s dad and also Board President, we are putting together a list of TWS community service providers – sort of a “yellow pages”.  The idea is that the more we know about each others’ livelihoods, the more we can support our community.  SO, please go to your class parent rep, and let that person know what you do for a living!  The rep will compile a list, and next thing you know, we will have a handy TWS yellow (green? purple?……turqoise!) pages.


Bulb sale continues through October 10!

Please help with this easy and fun fundraiser.  Our goal is for each family to sell 10 packages of bulbs.  They make great gifts!

Turn completed order forms in to your teacher or to the office.



School Renewal Learning Circle
starting this fall.  Interested in learning more about what is behind and within Waldorf education?  A learning circle is forming.  Please contact the office at 575.751.7750 or e-mail at twscoordinator@yahoo.com.

Taos Waldorf School Weekly Update – September 27


Harvestfest is a great time to welcome the natural turning inward that comes for all of us as the days get brisker and shorter.  Celebrating together makes this one of the most special times of the year.

Newsflash!  Newsflash!!!  As of end of school today, we have an apple press for the Harvestfest.
Bring apples!  Bring apples!  Bring apples!!!

Yes, it’s our fall fundraiser, and what a beautiful one it is. Flower bulbs!

With everything from King Alfred Daffodils to Grecian Wildflowers, we have it all.  Packages are $7 apiece, of which the school gets 52%.  Our goal is for each family to sell 10 packages.   

Pizza will appear in the classroom that sells the most!

Order forms available in your class or the office.


We’re still looking for a winning idea.  Come on folks, let’s put those sustainability-minded brain cells to work.  

The problem:  a big, expensive coping machine with a lease that lasts until 2015

The goal:  a creative solution that a) saves money, b) maintains relationships, and c) cares for the Earth.

Get those creative juices flowing and send us your idea.


send your idea to twscoordinator@yahoo.com


Our Advancement Team is off to a great start, with a calendar of fantastic workshops, fundraisers, and community development offerings that few will be able to resist.  Keep any eye out in next week’s full newsletter for details.  Meanwhile, don’t forget:


All purchases are at regular purchase price, and a portion of all proceeds go to the school