An Evening of Non-Violent Communication


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Rebecca Porter
I have been a NVC practitioner for over 6 years. I have attended the CNVC International intensive training, The Living Energy of Needs training and more recently, completed the Compassionate Leadership training. I am mother of a 2 year old and have spent the last 8 years as a Child care provider and instructor here in Taos. I am currently part of a weekly NVC practice group and consider the NVC language to be a vehicle to the trans formative consciousness. I strive to bring presence to my parenting and daily life by connecting with the life energy that flows through each of us in the form of feelings and needs. This is my first offering of NVC to parents and I am excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience.

Joanna Magee
I obtained my Master of Social Work degree at the University of Toronto in Canada in 1999. I practiced social work with adolescents and children and their families for seven years, both in Toronto and here in Taos, in a variety of settings using a number of different therapeutic interventions and paradigms. When my first son was born almost four years ago, I choose to stay home to raise him and his little brother. I have been practicing NVC for the past year and a half as a member of a NVC practice group. While I have facilitated parenting groups in the past, this will be my first time running a NVC workshop. I look forward to introducing NVC to you.

Cost: $15 per person – or pay what you can. No one turned away. All money raised will be donated to Taos Waldorf School.

This workshop is based on Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D’s work Nonviolent Communication.

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