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Good News from Taos Waldorf School | April 2013

Good News from Taos Waldorf School | April 2013


Newsletters….we are wanting to reach out to our extended community.  Please send any emails or mailing addresses of folks who may be interested in receiving our monthly newsletter.   Are there grandparents who would like to see what is happening in your child’s class?  Friends who are interested in what is happening in our community?  Please let us know of anyone we may share our newsletter.
Our Gnomies, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th grade students will be participating in the All Schools Childrens’ Art Show, April 4th -6th.  The show will open on April 4th, 10-5 and on April 6th (Saturday) there will be a reception for all students (pizza, balloons, etc) from 3-5pm at Stables.
Summer time fun at Taos Waldorf School with Silke.  Weekly water play, gardening, puppetry, outdoor theatre, music, storytelling and more.  Monday -Thursday, 8:30-1:30pm, ages 3-7 years old.  Cost: $150/week or $40/ day — includes snack and materials.   June 10 thru Aug. 1st.  Enrollment packages available from Silke:
At Taos Waldorf School in the Gnomes Kindergarten
Everyone Welcome…tell a friend and introduce them to our school!  On the 12th: Baking bread, puppet show. On the 19th: plant a seed, songs and stories.
An Evening Lecture
Monday, April 15th, 6-7:30pm
The child of today.  The Adult of tomorrow.
Why music and a connection to nature are essential to the well-being of humans throughout the lifecycle. 


                             One of the beautiful eggs made by our 8th grade that was on a spring egg
                             tree that Taos Waldorf School brought as gifts to our larger community.
                             This one was on a tree for the Plaza de Retiro community.

With Melinda Bateman
of Morningstar Farm 
All of the Gardening Workshops will be held at Taos Waldorf School.
1. April 6th Gardening Basics
2. April 13th What to plant and when to plant it, here in the Taos Valley.   This is a popular topic based on my 20 years of gardening experience in Taos.
3. April 20th Season extension techniques. Get stared earlier in the season and grow crops late into the fall with these ideas and suggestions.

These classes will start at 2:00 pm and finish at 4:30 pm. Cost is $75.00 for all three or $30.00 per individual class.  There will be lots of time for questions anddiscussion as well as an opportunity to create a garden plan for your plot.

4. Biodynamic gardening weekend workshop. April 27th and April 28th.  Saturday we will meet at 1:30 for an introductory lecture. Followed by stirring and applying BD 500. We will finish at 5:00 pm. Sunday we will start at 10:00 am. We will make compost and use the Biodynamic preps. Lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00. Afternoon lecture and discussion. Finishing by 4:00.
Cost is $75.00.

Questions before March 18th by e-mail at mstarfarm@gmail.com

After March 18th call Melinda at 575-779-6056.


                           The Trojan Horse (4th/5th grades)
If you had any spring bulb sales they are in!  We will have
each student’s order organized in paper bags and in their classroom this week.  Thank you for participating in this
fun fundraiser.
Enrollment /Re-enrollment
Beginning March 12th it is sign up time for next year!  We are excited about kicking off our re-enrollment drive!
Visitor Mornings Every Tuesday
Are you a Gnomie Parent?  Do you have a child in one of the younger grades?  Come visit the upper grades and see the what happens with this amazing curriculum.
Come visit Taos Waldorf School. There are Visitor Mornings on Tuesdays from 9am -10am. See the curriculum unfold, witness the students actively engaged, experience the joy of learning at Taos Waldorf School. We are now enrolling for all classes for the 2013 school year. Please ask about our Accessible to All Tuition Program. For more information or to pre-register for a visitor morning tour call 575-751-7750.  The tour will start at 9am in the school office with a brief overview of the Waldorf curriculum and classes that will be visited that morning.

We have an art show April 26th and 27th in conjunction with the TAO!
It will be held at 1021EE Salazar Rd (in the TCEDC complex) across from the Eco Park soccer field. Each class is working on a different form of art to be sold and 90% of the proceeds will go back to Taos Waldorf School. Are you an artist? We are also looking for donations of art valuing $500 or less. The art will be sold at the art show to help benefit the school. If you would like to donate a piece please contact Estevan at 575-613-3997. We need all art donations before April 25th 2013. There will be an art opening with snacks, wine and music provided by a DJ. Friday and Saturday from 5pm-8pm. ALL STUDENTS WILL HAVE ARTWORK IN THE SHOW!
 Community Work Days!
We are planning a work day in April 20th for spring cleaning! Please note, that there was an incorrect date given for the April Work Party in the March, April and May Calendar sent out last week.  The correct day is April 20th, 10-2pm.   All Welcome!

Yard Sale
Sat. April 27th
Spring is in the air and it is time to clean out our closets. Out with the old so there is room for the new to enter. There is a garage sale/work party scheduled for the end of April, SAT. APRIL 27TH. That gives us almost two months to start sorting through our belongings and collecting items for the sale. All the proceeds will go to fund projects at the school.
So please only bring things that you are willing to donate.  If anyone is interested in lending a helping hand  that would be awesome. Also, if anyone wants to bake goods to sell that could be a delicious way to bring in some moo-lah too. There will be reminders as we get closer.
If anyone feels compelled to help in any way call me, Gaia @ 505-920-8018
Yearbooks are still available!  Order forms are in the office.  They are amazing treasures with pictures of everyone!  $45 to buy your yearbook now.
THANK YOU MINDY GUMLAW!  Mindy has not only joined our Parent Council for the 1/2nd grade, but she and Estevan are also organizing the TAO Art Event for Taos Waldorf School on the 26th and 27th of April!  Plus, Mindy makes really yummy vegan muffins for our lectures!  YAY Mindy!
A Peek into our 1st and 2nd grade 

first grade

 We have spent the month of March learning about saints and noble deeds.  Right now we are learning about St. Francis of Asisis.  As we have learned about St. Frances and his gift of speaking with animals and how he shared all that he had with others, caring for the sick and poor, we have been surrounded with reminders of how to follow his example.  We have encountered coyotes, a bald eagle and elk in our garden area.  And today we befriended a mother horse and colt.
Other projects have included knitting bunnies and self portraits.  We looked deep inside ourselves when on a visit at the Harwood and created beautiful self-portraits.  The staff at the Harwood were so impressed with our students!
A Peek into the Gnomies          


Busy gnomes.
Bring to birth.
Little seeds,
In the earth.
Water, fire,
Earth and air.
In this work,
Have a share
That the earth,
seeds may bear.
…..and in New Mexico strong winds do blow that make strong the roots and help the plants to grow.  The children have been nibbling on the wheat grass in class, serving it in their pretend restaurants.   Wool has been felted into surprise eggs and bunnies are hoping about during circle time and suddenly
disappear just like the song suggests:
“Lippety Lop, here comes a bunny with a hippety hop,
with ears so tall and a tail so small.
It sits up straight and wiggle’s its ears
…..and suddenly disappears.”
Little seeds are being planted outside and we will soon start to dig in the garden and make a keyhole garden with the help of Margarita.
If you are cleaning out ditches and have access to willows we could use them to reweave the walls of the tree house which was built by the current 8th grade as a kindergaprten/1st grade readiness project.
We will encourage the children who seek to show their super powers by digging and working together.