February and March Events and Dates

Our spring bulb sale is HERE!  Everyone should have received their order forms (there are more in the office if you need one).  All orders should be returned to the office by March 4th with the money collected.  This is a wonderful way to make Taos Beautiful and raise money for our school at the same time! 
The 8th grade is hosting a fundraiser for their class trip to Chicago.  There will a yummy pancake breakfast on March 9th at Applebees.  Tickets are only $7 and available from any of our 8th graders — please come and support their fundraiser!
Come and learn about the importance of birth order in our families, plus it is lots of fun meeting others in our community while enjoying coffee and a sweet!  Did you know that your birth placement in your family holds clues to your personality and who you are!
Our school year book is going to be amazing!  It is time to order your yearbooks to get the best deal — if you order by March 15th yearbooks will be $35.  After March 15th all yearbooks will be $45.  Order forms will be out at classroom doors and in the office from March 4th through 11th.  These beautiful keepsakes are invaluable treasures!
We are incredibly excited and privileged to be hosting Bob Monsen from the Institute for Social Renewal!  He will be here March 8th and 9th working with the entire school community to help us move towards our commitment to depth, vitality, and energy for TWS and its future.  He has helped over 27 Waldorf schools over the past 20 years turn around financially — we are looking forward to benefiting from his wisdom and suggestions! All TWS parents are strongly encouraged to attend.
Enrollment for all grades and early childhood will begin in March.  We are looking at a strong future for our school and growth in our community!
What does Advancement mean? It is all of the work that we do to move the school forward, including fundraising, community outreach, advertising, enrollment drives, and anything that helps us share the excellence of our school with the outside world while advancing our mission to provide the best education possible for our children.
Our spring fundraising drive is getting underway!  TWS will be reaching out, not only to the school community, but also to our friends and supporters everywhere for funding support of our operations and expansion.   Each member of the Board and Faculty has committed to donating at least $20, and we are asking every family to do the same!  If you are able to donate more -WONDERFUL!  If you are unable to donate $20 at this time – NO PROBLEM, BUT PLEASE DO DONATE WHAT YOU CAN. 
This spring our goal is 100% participation by TWS families!
We are taking pre-orders for  our incredibly beautiful and artistic Easter Egg Trees.  These trees will be beautiful works of art.  They are $100.00 a tree with 10-12 hand decorated eggs.  PLEASE BRING IN ANY ORDERS TO THE OFFICE BY  MARCH 4TH.  THEY WILL BE DELIVERED MARCH 15TH.   If you are unfamiliar with the TWS Easter Egg Tree there are pictures in the office.

All School Meeting Minutes

Andy: State of the School report
Andy expressed appreciation to all that parents and affirmed our school’s focus on transparency and financial stability.  The school has been able to handle the job of moving into stability even with unexpected bills.
Advancement Team report
The school is on target with fundraising, having raised about $35K to date.
The fundraising schedule for the rest of the year has been revised due to shortage of time/personnel.  The team has lost some members and needs more help – please see Silke to volunteer.  
A reminder that tuition is due on the 1st of the month because that is when we pay the teachers – please pay on time.
Spring fundraising drive:  we want 100% participation because this affects the cohesiveness of the school. .All board members are paying $20 each to kick off the drive, followed by all teachers & staff.  Everyone else will be asked to contribute after that.  
We are in the process of setting up the budget for next year. Bigger enrollment will help the most of all. Tell your friends and the people you connect with your good experience at our school.   
We are going to ask 1 person from each class to join a budget focus group.
And remember, Andy is in the school office every Thursday 8:30 – 10:30 am to hear any concerns parents have.
Coordinator’s Report
The finance team is working hard.
Brief “biography of the year” presented, ending with our current AWSNA Developing Waldorf School status.  We put in an AWSNA application 18 months ago, and are in the process of becoming accredited as a Waldorf school. This is a 3 year process, so we look forward to being accredited in another 1 1/2 years.  
There will be an WECAN/AWSNA site visit on Thursday. AWSNA has mentors to help guide us with best practices to help the school take shape.  If you want more information on AWSNA, go to www:whywaldorfworks.com
(Meeting attendee question about the mortgage)
We have a forbearance agreement with the Steiner Foundation through the 2013-14 school year. As enrollment goes up we will talk with them about re-negotiating our contract. We are making our payments on time and demonstrating to RSF that we are fiscally responsible.
In the interest of furthering the school’s road to health, and also improving our financial base, we have connected with Mr. Bob Monsen, who founded the Institute for Social Renewal. He has helped 27 Waldorf schools to financial stability and abundance, and he is willing to teach us how he did it.   Bob is coming to the school on Friday March 8th and Sat March 9th. On Saturday he will teach us about conscious communication as a way to expand the school. And it is open to all, not just parents.

 These are the most important meetings of the year.  
Please come!  

 We are streamlining necessary school functions into four basic positions, renumerated via tuition remission (rather than monetary pay).  Each position will be half-time, will have a direct reporting relationship, monthly work plans, and will be responsible for managing volunteers.  The positions are as follows:
1. Grounds and Garden Specialist          
2. Housekeeping Lead
3. Events Coordinator
4. Office Manager
Positions are open to any qualified school parent.  A standard interview process will be conducted by the Hiring Team, and a second round of interviews if necessary.  If you are interested in any of the aforementioned positions, please reply to this e-mail with a request for a job description.   Those who indicated
interest during the meeting need not reply again; descriptions will be sent out this week.
There will be a monthly roundtable group for the parents, focusing on topics relevant to school experience.  Groups will be facilitated, and at least one Board member will be present – groups to commence in March.
Building and grounds report
Miss Michelle says thanks for your patience dealing with the plumbing issues. We do want feedback from you because our land is underutilized. We will have exciting choices as to what direction to take the school in the future.
Parent Council Report
Parent council members assist teachers and help with communicating. This is open to the entire parent body, and meets once a month at 8:45 am.
Communication Flow:  presented by Miss Beasley
What to do if you have a concern/question/need:
         First go to the person concerned.
         THEN if not resolved, go to the relevant school person
         Do this in person, NOT in emails, and NOT in the parking lot.
Announcements and Miscellania
We are considering starting a study group to learn more about anthroposophy.
If interested in after school care, talk to Michelle.
Bulb sale:   These bulbs are primo quality and they produce big, healthy flowers. Order forms are available in office or classrooms. Don’t forget to share this with friends and neighbors.
Idea:  Earthship interns to come here?
We did an exercise in which every person present thought up one way they could help the school. People came up with amazingly creative ideas, and each one will follow through with those ideas.
Meeting was adjourned with much anticipation for a good future.