Happy Holidays December Announcements

Monday, December 17th At 5:30.  Festival of Lights All classes perform. Plus a Yummy Bake Sale.  At St. James Episcopal Church.

Reminder, there is school for the rest of the week after the Festival of Lights thru 12/20. We will resume school on Monday January 7th, 2013!

The Annual Giving Letter has been sent to all of our friends and supporters.  We have raised more than $12,000 so far!  Please take a moment and make a donation too – any amount is appreciated and makes a difference!

If you are making any purchases from Amazon please go through TaosStore.com and at no extra charge to the purchaser Amazon will donate a percentage to Taos Waldorf School.  Spread the word.

Hello from Taos Waldorf School Board of Trustees

Of course, we all understand that these times are financially challenging for many of us, so if you can’t make your tuition payment on time, please let Allison or Judith know, and we will all work hard to find a solution that works.

I’m taking the time to send this message out repeatedly because we really do want to keep the school functioning as well as it has been. This has been a very successful year, given the circumstances that we inherited. Most families have been able to pay on time, we’ve made payroll every month, we’ve met every fundraising goal to date, and so far we’ve been operating under our projected budget.

As I mentioned in my last letter, we owe great thanks to Jesus Hernandez, who came in during the summer and helped the finance committee decipher the records from years past and create our budget for this year. Now we also owe great thanks to Lizzy Hendricks, who joined the board a few months ago and who has graciously volunteered to act as our interim treasurer.

Please don’t forget to start all of your on-line shopping at TaosStore.com. TWS earns a percentage of every purchase made, and the percentage increases for every item bought within the calendar month. December could be a great month for us, especially if we get our number of items purchased up early in the month, before people start making those large Christmas purchases. We love free money for our school, and this is a really easy way that you can help.

Thank you all so much for being such a wonderful community.

Andy Salamone
TWS Board of Trustees President